Rangers Staff

  • Latisha Moening
    Owner / Community Relations Director
    Latisha Moening is an owner as well as the Community Relations Director for the organization. Latisha’s goals for the team vary with her different positions. As the Community Relations Director her goals are geared more toward developing a healthy relationship between the organizations staff, players and the community. As an owner and a board member Latisha has additional goals to help improve the players individually, as a team, and the organization itself to help boost chances of advancement in their athletic careers and a healthy future for the organization.
  • Jake Moening
    Owner / Photographer / Developer
    Jake Moening is an owner as well as the being the team's official photographer. He is also in charge of building and maintaining the team website and the social media. With a background in software engineering he brings a technical perspective to the organization and is trying to push a strong online presence for the Rangers.
  • Jason Sandifer
    General Manager / Head Coach
    Jason Sandifer is a native of Saint Paul Minnesota and former student/athlete at Vanguard University where he played point guard. As the General Manager and Head Coach of the Minnesota Rangers Jason's duties include individual and team skill development, creating a highly disciplined team that displays self control on and off the court, and motivating players to be and do their best. Jason's vision is to help influence the players to be positive, productive role models in the community.
  • Shaunice "Niecy" Fentress
    Assistant Coach
    Shaunice Fentress is a native of Gary, IN and brings a different but very valued perspective being a young (22) lady. Basketball has been a big part of Shaunice's life since the age of 6, playing up until her freshman year in college. Still a student herself, Shaunice's goals as assistant coach is to assist head coach Sandifer as well as bring a fresh, young perspective to the team.
  • Michael Thomas
    Development and Outreach Manager
    Michael Thomas spent plenty of time on the court playing for Rainy River and Anoka Ramsey as well as the Ultimate Hoops National Tournament. That experience plus his education in Marketing and Advertisement makes him a valuable part of the Rangers organization where he is dedicated to spreading the word about the Rangers and helping find new and exciting partnerships.