Who We Are

Minnesota Rangers Basketball is an organization centered around running a semi-professional basketball team located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our team is currently associated with the Midwest Basketball League . The Rangers organization is committed to helping individual improve themselves and become LIFE (Living Incredibly Fearless in Expectation) champions as well as creating positive relationships between the organization and the surrounding Twin Cities community. We make these changes centered around the game of basketball.

Schools generally concentrate on teaching the fundamental skills of the core learning areas of reading, writing and mathematics and leave most other life skills for individuals to learn at home, work and through other means. This creates a great opportunity for the Rangers organization to step up and help provide that extracurricular guidance helping better the lives of our players and also the communities in which they live.

Minnesota Rangers Basketball is currently focused on recruiting men between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested in improving themselves and their basketball skills for the team roster. We do our best to help those men who want to move on toward professional or college programs via online exposure and through our connections with colleges and other leagues.

Over time, we hope to see the Rangers become an integral part of the local community and a sought after destination for individuals hoping to improve and become LIFE champions.

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